5 Reasons to Have Renters Insurance in Place Before the Holidays

The holidays are coming. They’ll be here before you know it. That is why it is now the perfect time for you to invest in renter’s insurance. You need to invest before the holiday season and holiday shopping begins. This will ensure that the presents you tuck away in the nooks and crannies of your home are protected if bad things happen to your home between now and the gift-giving season.

These are five of the reasons you need to have renters insurance for your home before the holiday season gets underway.

1) Burglaries are Far too Common During Holidays

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are 3.7 million burglaries in U.S. households each year. Some thieves like to take advantage of the hustle, bustle, and distractions of the holidays to target homes and people for thefts. Some of them may follow you to your apartment or townhome from the mall after making your purchases to rob your home of specific items. Others aren’t interested in giving gifts so much as they are in selling the items you’ve purchased for cash money in hand.

Having renters insurance can mean the difference between having certain Grinch’s steal Christmas from your friends and family and having your insurance company step in to save the day in situations like these.

2) Seasonal Fires do Happen

The holidays are times when there are Christmas tree lights burning bright, candles left unattended, and, in some cases, fireplaces being lit for the first time in a long while. Any one of these things can cause a seasonal fire that can destroy or damage your home and all the Christmas gifts inside your home.

This can be difficult for anyone, but it is often most difficult for families with small children to manage – especially without the assistance of insurance to help cover the costs of many of those losses. Renters insurance is a very small price to pay for the peace of mind and protection it provides during the holidays and throughout the year.

3) Cooking Fires

Baking seems to be more prevalent during the holiday seasons, and many inexperienced bakers pull out the rolling pins and cookie sheets only at this time of the year. Whether you are more challenged in the kitchen than you’d like to imagine, have too much help in the kitchen, or get distracted with decorations and gift wrapping for the holidays, it doesn’t take long for something burning in the oven or on the stove to become a five alarm fire – or what feels like one. Even if your home and presents aren’t destroyed by the cooking fire, smoke and water damage can take their toll on your holiday spirit and gifts – not to mention your home for the holidays itself.

Your renters insurance policy can help cover the costs of alternate living arrangements while your home is being repaired after a fire and help to replace many of the items that were damaged or destroyed in the fire.

4) Slips and Falls

The holiday season is filled with snow, ice, rain (in southern parts of the country), and extension cords. All of which present more than their fair shares of hazards for slipping, tripping, and falling during the holidays. If someone is injured in a fall on your property, you may find yourself liable for their medical, legal, and other expenses, which can put a real crimp in your holiday budget.

5) Fires Caused by Faulty Electrical Wiring

Sometimes, holiday problems are the result of faulty wiring in the home. While this is no fault of yours, the additional strain on the wiring due to all the lights and sounds of the holidays, may lead to a fire of yet another kind. It’s comforting to know that your possessions are protected when issues like this arise and that is what renters insurance does for you as the holidays approach and beyond.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out that you’re facing two financial tragedies at once. The costs of renters insurance is typically very affordable, making this valuable protection and easy decision to make well ahead of the holidays.

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