Apartment Insurance: Why Every NYC Renter Should Have It

Finding the perfect apartment in New York City took you time. But now that you’ve found it, it’s time to protect yourself and your belongings with adequate apartment insurance coverage. It really is something you can’t afford to live without in New York City. Why Buy Apartment Insurance in…

Are My Collectibles Covered Under Renters Insurance

Collectibles are items that are usually expressly made for people to collect. You will often hear special terms for collectibles such as limited edition, collector’s edition, special edition, deluxe edition, and more. These types of items can include things such as books, arts, cars, fine wine, stamps, coins, and…

Renters Insurance Policies

Renters insurance offers tenants financial protection in the event of destruction or loss of their possessions when renting an apartment or house.  Although in the case of a burglary or fire, your landlord might show some sympathy, their insurance usually won’t cover loss or destruction of your possessions. When…

NYC Co-Op Insurance FAQ

Purchasing a NYC co-op allows you to own your own personal slice of The Big Apple. Before you dive right in, though, it’s a good idea to put careful consideration into protecting that investment by purchasing the right kind of NYC co-op insurance coverage to meet your needs. It’s…

How Much Renters Insurance Do I Need

As a renter, it is important to understand that your landlord is only responsible for insuring against damages to the structure of your home or apartment. In the case of an event resulting in damage or theft of your personal property, you will need to carry renters insurance to…

3 Things Renters Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Renters insurance is so important for renters. Without it, they leave their personal property vulnerable and risk losing everything. Investing in renters insurance provides a great value when you look at how much coverage you actually get through these policies. However, it is important that, as a renter, you…

What are Typical Discounts for Renters Insurance

Renters insurance, although very affordable, tends to be the least purchased out of all insurance coverage policies available. For people who are on a tight budget, spending money on an insurance policy they think they don’t need is the furthest thing from their mind. However, any young couple, college…

Should College Students Get Renters Insurance?

The short answer to this question is quite simple. Absolutely! The benefit that renters insurance provides for college students compared to the costs involved in purchasing renters insurance for college students makes this type of insurance coverage one of the most important types of investments a college student can…

Understanding Flip Taxes When Buying an Apartment in NYC

Purchasing an apartment in NYC, whether a condominium or a coop, can be a time of great excitement. However, it can also be very stressful! From navigating broker’s fees to dealing with attorneys and insurance, the process can be confusing and costly enough without adding additional fees into the…

Rental Apartment in NYC

Whether you’re brand new to the city or looking to level up on your current digs, finding a rental apartment in NYC can certainly be a challenge! Plan ahead by doing your research, knowing your budget, and having a clear idea whether or not renting is right for you….