How to: Selling Your Home the Colorful Way

When you buy a home and that first can of paint pops open, be warned, because you may be going down an extremely fun but potentially dangerous slope. Experimenting with various colors in your home is natural. You want to see what looks best. And, if you’re like one…

Spring Flooding risks

Spring floods happen when they are least expected. The more you know about your risks, common causes of spring flooding, and how you can protect your family – and your property – the better off you are. Keep these things in mind and protect your property from flood waters…

Rental Apartment in NYC

Whether you’re brand new to the city or looking to level up on your current digs, finding a rental apartment in NYC can certainly be a challenge! Plan ahead by doing your research, knowing your budget, and having a clear idea whether or not renting is right for you….

Buying an Apartment in NYC

Taking the plunge and Buying an Apartment in NYC is always an exciting step, especially because it’s NYC! If you’re ready to have a little more stability in the city that never sleeps, read on for our insider tips on how to buy the NYC apartment of your dreams. Tips…

Renters Insurance

It’s understandable that you have questions about renters insurance, how it works, and even if you really need this particular type of insurance coverage. Hopefully this list of frequently asked questions will help you get the answers you seek about renters insurance and how it works. I really don’t…

nyc renters insurance policy

When you buy a home (or an apartment) it’s a pretty well-known fact that you will need some kind of homeowners insurance. But what happens when you’re renting an apartment? The picture becomes a lot less clear (and, ergo, much riskier). Plenty of renters decide that they don’t need…

New York Apartment Survival Tips

Moving to New York is an expensive endeavor. It can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to move all of your belongings from your previous home to your new place of residence in one of the Five Boroughs. And that does not even account for the cost of…

New York coop

Getting your first New York City coop apartment can be an exciting experience. You are about to live in the best city on Earth. You have access to some of the greatest museums, restaurants and parks in the world and it is all because you live close by. But living…

Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Money

So, we’re getting to that time of year again where temperatures creep down into the teens and twenties at night and only reach a measly 45 during the day. And since it’s so cold I’m guessing that most of you, even the most determined people of the North, have…

Everything You Need in Your Winter Emergency Kit

Welcome to Snowvember! Last week we saw some pretty epic snowfall in my hometown of East Aurora, New York. For those of you who don’t know East Aurora is a little town located about 30 minutes outside of Buffalo (and also sits directly in what locals refer to as…