NYC Apartment

As you explore your apartment options in NYC, you’ll find a lot of listings that mention a fee or boast of having no-fee. There are pros and cons on both sides of the fee issue. Keep these things in mind so that you can make your NYC apartment selecting…


When you think co-op, what do you think about? There are dozens of different kinds of co-operatives; there are food co-ops, credit union co-ops and retail co-ops. You can even live in a co-op. And the one’s you live in are the ones we are going to focus on….

If you’re selling Your Home Be Sure to Avoid Telling Your Listing Agent These 3 Things

Sometimes selling your house revolves around honesty, telling people the truth, being a good person and not keeping secrets. This, is not one of those times. When you are talking to your listing agent, the person that helps you sell your home, it will not hurt you to keep…

Rules and Regulations that Your Landlord May Not Be Adhering To

To most people, your landlord is just the guy who you saw once when you signed the lease for your apartment and then never saw again. They are a mysterious entity that you send a check to (or pay online) once a month which makes it seem like all…

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I used to watch HGTV religiously (it wasn’t exactly by choice). It was just the one thing that my family could typically agree upon. We mostly watched House Hunters and House Hunters: International but every once and a while shows like Holmes on Homes or Flip This House came…