How to Sell Your Home with Light, Cleanliness and Depersonalization

Your house is painted, the lawn has been trimmed (and maybe landscaped) and the ‘for sale sign’ is just about ready to go up. But there is just one more step you need to do. One that many people forget about; staging. Staging is exactly what it sounds like. It involves making your home look like one of the spreads in Ikea so that a potential buyer can envision living their life in your home (a strange concept maybe, but one that sells). Here are a few ways in which you can best stage your home and get it sold.

1. Get Your Light Right

A dark space can make even the littlest mess seem overwhelming whereas light can make a space feel spacious and airy. Spacious and airy is exactly what you want to go for when showing your home off to potential buyers. To do this you’re going to need to open up all of your window treatments, scrub everything clean (from molding to trim) and make sure, especially in small spaces, that your rooms are painted in a bright color (like white). Space sells and when you create the illusion of more space, it still sells.

2. Depersonalize

This part can get a little sad as it really hammers home the fact that you are moving on which is sure to bring back more than a few memories. The good part is that a depersonalized space is much more likely to attract potential buyers. Pictures of your family, children’s artwork or the strange objects that inevitably emerge when you are packing up might evoke some nostalgia in you (which is completely normal) but it could alienate buyers. Personal items detract from the story that buyers are trying to envision. It makes them realize that this home isn’t an empty, blank slate but one that belongs to someone else which can lower the value of your home. Be sure to remove all personal items before you show the house to potential buyers as it will allow increase the home’s value.

3. Keep it Clean

By the time you put your home on the market your home should be decluttered, organized and completely clean. Buyers will have an extremely hard time seeing the bones of the house if the space is cluttered and dirty. And if they cannot see what they have to work with then there is a much smaller chance of you selling your home at the price you want.

We hope these tips help you in the long process of selling your home and we hope it makes it a little smoother. Best of luck!

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