How to: Selling Your Home the Colorful Way

When you buy a home and that first can of paint pops open, be warned, because you may be going down an extremely fun but potentially dangerous slope. Experimenting with various colors in your home is natural. You want to see what looks best. And, if you’re like one of my friends. You really want to experiment with every color. One wall looked like a rainbow for a while but the color she did eventually decide upon looked great.

A few months later the paint started peeling off the walls because there were so many layers of paint. You don’t want that to happen at all let alone when you’re trying to sell your home. And so you don’t have to go back and forth on what colors you should pick we’ve put together a list of colors that will get your house sold more swiftly and allow you to settle into your new home.

1. White

Nothing quite says ‘blank slate’ like the color white. And that’s what buyers are looking for when they’re in the market for a home. They’re looking for a place that they can make their own and when a home is painted all different shades of magenta it can make it a little difficult for potential buyers to look past which means your home spends more time on the market. White is the least risky color to paint your home (inside or out) so if you’re going to sell (and paint) go for white.

2. Beige

Where white is clean, cold and empty, beige is warm and inviting. It’s still generic (and conservative) enough to make your home appealing to most potential buyers but has enough character to make your home stand out. That character will come, not from the beige, but what you accent it with (plants, trim, etc.). You can hire an interior designer or someone to stage your home in a way that best complements this extremely flexible color.

3. Neutrals

Some people might find this range of colors boring but they sell. If you can come up with a good color scheme throughout your home with an interior designer (or the guy at the help desk in the pain section of your local hardware store) you can establish a more homey feeling which will draw buyers in. You can even go a little whimsical with neutrals in certain rooms. So, if you’re the artsy type and want to play with colors without making them too offensive then neutrals are perfect for you.

Not every one of these colors will fit with your home but if you do the proper research they should help get your home sold. Best of luck!

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