Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Money

So, we’re getting to that time of year again where temperatures creep down into the teens and twenties at night and only reach a measly 45 during the day. And since it’s so cold I’m guessing that most of you, even the most determined people of the North, have finally caved and turned your heat on. While I am very thankful for heat (living north of Virginia without it would be downright miserable) I can’t stand my utility bill at the end of the month. So, I decided to take drastic action in an effort to save money, help the environment and mostly save money. It’s all about the money. Here are some ways to conserve energy without sacrificing the creature comforts that we have all become accustomed to.

Ways to Conserve Energy While Staying Comfortable

When I first decided that I no longer wanted to spend as much on my utility bill I decided to take extreme, evasive action and turn off my thermostat. I figured, my apartments pretty well insulated, I’m on the top floor and I should be fine so long as I put on my wool socks, sweatpants and sweater. I could not have been more wrong. Just 24 hours in, I gave up and decided to take a more practical route.

Practical Tip #1: Turn Your Thermostat Down (Not Off)

By turning your thermostat down into the 60’s you’ll save up to 5% of your heating costs. For more extreme savings set your thermostat off when you leave and when you go to sleep. That should save you up to 20% on your heating costs which will make for a much more tolerable bill at the end of the month making this one of our essential ways to conserve energy.

Practical Tip #2: Make Sure Your Apartment is Well Insulated

While you might not be able to tear your walls down to check and see if your insulation is up to par you can cover some parts of your apartments insulation; specifically your windows. You can’t look for ways to conserve energy without covering the one place that can separate a bad bill from a good bill. Drafts will wreak havoc on your heating system while simultaneously making your apartment an ice box. So, be sure to get some plastic and cover those windows. It could save you precious ones of these $$$.

Besides lowering your thermostat and covering your windows there aren’t many other ways to conserve energy and money beyond bundling up. But, these tips should be able to save you anywhere from 20%-30% of your monthly utility bills which could be enough for a date somewhere or a drink with your friends. Either way its’ money you don’t have to pay to ConEd… Stay safe and stay warm!

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