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NYC Renters Insurance

NYC Renters Insurance

NYC Renters Insurance: The Protection You Want

Landed a fantastic apartment in New York City? That’s great – now go the extra step and protect your belongings with a comprehensive and inexpensive NYC renters insurance policy! Don’t think you need NYC Renters insurance? Ask yourself this: Is it worth just a few dollars a month to protect yourself against the potential loss of thousands of dollars? That’s the value of renters insurance in NYC, and if you don’t have it, you’re putting yourself and your financial well-being at risk each and every day.

Know the Risks of Being Uninsured

According to Forbes, more than half of all adult renters don’t bother to carry renters insurance, a mistake that can easily wind up costing renters from $5,000 to $10,000 or more. Having renter’s insurance in place protects you in several critical ways:

  • Protection against theft: Having your apartment broken into and your possessions stolen is a devastating experience, and knowing you have to cover the cost of replacing those possessions makes the experience much worse. NYC renters insurance can provide you with loss protection in the event of theft so you don’t have to suffer a major financial loss.
  • Protection against fire damage, burst pipes and natural disasters: Not only can renters insurance in NYC protect you against loss of valuable and other possessions damaged or destroyed by fire or other disaster, but it can even cover the costs of living in a hotel and other cost of living expenses while the damage to your apartment is repaired.
  • Protection against liability claims: If someone is injured in your apartment and that damage is determined to be your fault, they can file a claim against you for damages, which means you wind up owing thousands of dollars in medical costs. Renters insurance in NYC provides liability coverage to protect you in case a liability claim is filed against you.

That’s a lot of protection and a lot of peace of mind, and the best part is, NYC renters insurance is extremely affordable. That’s because unlike homeowners’ insurance that must cover the entire cost of the building, renters insurance covers only what’s inside your own apartment – your own possessions – leaving the higher cost of structural insurance to the building owner.

Understanding NYC Renters Insurance

A recent survey shows that while three-quarters of renters fear financial loss due to theft and fire, nearly half of those who don’t carry renters insurance mistakenly believe they’re already covered by the apartment owner’s policy. About three-quarters of people who rent apartments say they haven’t looked into renters insurance because they believed it would be too costly. If either of those reasons sounds familiar, know this: The apartment building owner’s policy does not cover your personal possessions, nor does it cover you in cases of liability where you’re determined to be at fault. That means if someone slips on that new throw rug you just bought and becomes injured, you’ll be the one paying the hospital bills. Plus, NYC renters insurance is surprisingly affordable – usually just a few dollars a week is all it takes to provide you with the protection you need.

Getting NYC Renters Insurance through us

We’ve been providing insurance to New York residents for more than a century, so we understand exactly what challenges and risks you’re facing as an NYC apartment dweller. We work with a nationwide network of reputable insurance carriers, which means we can offer you the best coverage at the most competitive cost. Plus, we can custom-tailor a policy that’s designed specifically to suit your needs so you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you, your loved ones and your finances are protected.

If you’ve been wondering about NYC renters insurance and how it can protect you, or if you’d like to learn how much a policy would cost to give you the coverage you need to feel safe and secure, we can help. We’re dedicated to providing ongoing service throughout the duration of your policy, not just when you buy or renew, and that means we’re always available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

Ready to learn how you can get that all-important peace of mind that comes form knowing you’re protected? Then give us a call today at 212-777-7113 or fill out our simple online form and we’ll get back to you. All it takes is a few moments of your time right now to get the protection you need for your own peace of mind.

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