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The problem with NYC condo insurance

It can be expensive. Overwhelming to shop for. Incomplete, confusing coverage. Frustrating to deal with. That’s the last thing you need when your largest investment is at stake. You want to protect your assets and avoid financial devastation from unexpected events like fire. Let’s take care of those issues one by one.

You want quality coverage at a reasonable price

Here’s the best part: at Co-Op Insurance, our partners review every request for a condo insurance quote – not a robot or online algorithm. They’ll pair you with a licensed insurance agent they know will match your needs. Your agent work with you to create a customized condo policy that fits your situation and your budget, ensuring your costs are as low as possible while meeting your goals. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, no matter if you’re in Manhattan, Jersey City or Brooklyn. Your agent is here to answer any questions you have, before during and after you choose your policy.

You want an easy shopping process

You could shop around the internet, make a bunch of calls, create a spreadsheet to compare pros and cons. Unless you’re a CPA, that’s a lot of work and headache. When you live in NYC and New Jersey, you can rely on us for a comprehensive condo insurance quote. As a brokerage, we have long-term relationships with nationwide insurance carriers, which means we shop around for you and find the best combination of coverage and cost.

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We understand the challenges condo owners face and how your insurance needs differ from other types of property policies. (We should, we’ve been doing this for 100+ years!) The types of NYC condo insurance we offer include:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Damage to property belonging to other residents
  • Limited water damage
  • Hotel bills and living expenses while your unit is being repaired after a covered loss

You want complete, clear coverage

Others put it all in the fine print…if you could decipher it. Are sublets covered? What’s the definition of sublet anyway? None of that here. We’ll work around your schedule to get on a call to explain everything, line by line and make sure your unique concerns are covered, such as special considerations for jewelry or antiques, home office, or even liability from your dog.

When you think about insurance, you’re typically thinking big things: fire, theft. We specialize in condo insurance so we consider everything, because you never know where a claim will come from.

Top 3 NYC Insurance Claims:

  1. Damage from water overflows whether sink, tub or toilet;
  2. Damage from broken pipes;
  3. Damage from leaky heating and cooling units.

You want a company that’s easy to work with

You’ve heard the stories, maybe it’s even happened to you. You pay your bill on time for years, then your washing machine overflows and damages not just your place, but your neighbor’s place too. Your insurance company suddenly becomes difficult to reach, you can’t get answers, only to have your claim denied weeks later. Not here. Your agent is your advocate, ready to help you navigate the claim process when everything else in your life is going wrong. We want you to be delighted every time you contact us.


Five Stars

They are always very accommodating and available to talk to about any questions and concerns we may have about our coverages. He is an excellent employee.

Tinamarie M.
Customer since 2015

The staff is always willing and able to go above and beyond to make sure all my insurance needs are met. I’ve been dealing with them for some Rome now and I am very pleased with the service I get!

Rodolph M.
Customer since 2015

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