New York coop

Getting your first New York City coop apartment can be an exciting experience. You are about to live in the best city on Earth. You have access to some of the greatest museums, restaurants and parks in the world and it is all because you live close by. But living in New York is not all positive. You will likely have to pay more than a pretty penny for your apartment (limiting the activities you can participate in) and your apartment may not be as beautiful as the ones you have seen in the movies. Your carpets may be stained, the bathroom tile may be outdated and your appliances may belong in another decade (and they may not work). Luckily, there are a few ways to improve your New York coop apartment without angering your board (or landlord) and we have listed those tips below.

New York Coop Renovation Tips to Help You Avoid Certain Limitations Like…

Your Carpets are Gross

We do not like to imagine that the apartment that we may be moving into has not received the best care, but it happens. And to counteract those nasty, stained, wall-to-wall carpets you will need to do something unthinkable; you need to buy more carpets (as you cannot tear out your old ones). These smaller area rugs will add some texture, color and aesthetic excitement to your old New York coop apartment while also giving you a chance to personalize your apartment and make it your own. Just be sure to go with thinner rugs as thicker rugs can look a little awkward.

You Cannot Put a Nail in the Wall

No nails would seemingly mean that you could not put any posters or artwork on the walls of your New York coop apartment. Which would be true, were it not for the invention of Command Strips. With a few of the strips you can hang as many pictures as you want without damaging your walls (just pull the little strip hidden behind the command strip itself and voila! You are set to move out).

These tips will give you a good place to start (for more ideas check out this blog from the Huffington Post) but the easiest way to keep your apartment looking like home is by keeping it clean. Best of luck with the move!

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